Mark Edlin

Audio Engineer/Producer/Mixer




About Mark 

Mark Edlin is an accomplished recording engineer, videographer and percussionist with production experience that ranges from sound for film, wind and string orchestral ensembles, jazz-bands and combos, as well as new-traditional folk and indie rock music. As an artist and highly trained percussionist, his performance is deeply woven into emerging rock and folk bands in the Bloomington, Indiana community.

Mark’s experience in recording arts includes projects with IU Opera-Theater, multiple major ensembles in the IU Jacobs School of Music, and live sound for IU’s Department of Theatre, Drama & Contemporary Dance. Special projects include the Double Exposure project with student composers, as well as producing and mastering recordings for Bloomington folk and rock bands. In the summer of 2016, Mark will intern at Primary Sound Studios in Bloomington, where he will manage and engineer multiple projects.

As a performing artist, Mark’s experience involves live and studio performances in jazz, Indie rock, rock, electronic rock, metal, and reggae.

Mark will complete his Bachelor of Science Degree in Recording Arts at the IU Jacobs School of Music in May, 2016, with a concentration in Telecommunications at the new IU Media School.  His primary mentors in Bloomington are Konrad Strauss, Mark Hood, and Jake Belser. His education in jazz performance includes one year at the Jacobs School, under the supervision of percussionist Steve Houghton.







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As a recording engineer, I have had recording experience with many different genres of music in a multitude of recording studios around Bloomington, Indiana. Along with my own personal collection of gear and recording space, I am versatile with analog and digital recording formats and feel very comfortable engineering in whichever studio or space you have in mind!  With having years of training with my professors, I feel that I can accurately help bring your recordings to life and satisfied with the end result! 





Producing your session

I personally have a passion for working with people. Producing your session would allow me to work hands on with you and your ensemble, and ultimately enhance your project to be the best it can be. With my experience working on recordings with my professors and also working in many different ensembles myself, I am confident in my abilities that I can help you reach new levels in your performance and 







 Mixing and editing have been large focal points in my education at Jacobs. I have experience editing sound, music and dialog for film, as well as editing and mixing various types of ensembles. This ranges from orchestras, choirs, to folk music and rock bands. I am always open to new ideas and methods and I love working one on one with clients; ensuring you are completely satisfied with the end result. 



Starting drum-kit at the age of 10, I have studied percussion under a few instructors before I began my year in jazz studies; led by Professor Steve Houghton. This training through the years include many different types of drum-kit styles, basics in orchestral and latin percussion, and piano. Over the years I have been apart of many different studio recordings as the session drummer. Today I still play in over five ensembles outside of the music school; playing on average two to three gigs per week.




For further inquires on audio/performance rates please contact me! 

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Selected Works


Audio recorded in Ford Hall, remixed in late March. Created by Adam Lee, and composed by Jordan Lenchitz. 

"Queen of the Night" performed by Shin-Yeong Noh in Mozart's The Magic Flute which was conducted by David Effron.  This was recorded on April 10th, 2015 in The Musical Arts Center. 

Brent Wallarab Jazz Ensemble recorded in The Musical Arts Center on February 8th, 2016. Soloist include: Ken Johnston, Trumpet; Eric Juberg, Tenor Saxophone; Iñigo Caldeano Lasheras, Baritone Saxophone. Remixed Early April. 

Brent Wallarab Jazz Ensemble recorded in The Musical Arts Center on March 7th, 2016. Soloist: Matt Shugert, Alto Saxophone.  

Commissioned compositions by horn students of Professor Seraphinoff recorded in Auer hall on April 11th, 2016. Remixed in mid April. 

"Zolofting around" was recorded at Russian Recording March 3rd, 2016 by the band Kiki And The Vettes in Bloomington, Indiana. This particular recording was intentionally all recorded with overdubs, starting with percussion. 

"Let me down easy" was recorded April 23rd at Primary Sound Studios by Kiki and the vettes in Bloomington, Indiana. This was recorded live to tape on a Studer A80 mkII. 

"Swimming pool" was recorded in the Musical Arts Studio 405 in early March of 2016 by Kiki And The Vettes. All instruments recorded live, while vocals were overdubbed. Remixed late April.